Accessibility statement

We want to make sure you can access everything on our website. It’s important to us that everyone can access our website regardless of disability, digital skills or how you’re online.

To ensure that’s the case we do the following:

We try our best to conform to the AA standard of Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

Our website is scaleable so you can make it bigger or smaller by using your personal viewing options. You can see how to do that for your browser here.

We use what’s called responsive design with cascading sheets and you can override them by changing your personal preferences. Have a look here at how you can do that.

We know the better we can make our site the more our users and those interested in our work will be able to access our content and engage with us. We’re always working hard to make our website as accessible as possible but if you are having difficulty accessing our content, engaging with us online or have suggestions of how we can improve, get in touch to let us know.