Below you’ll find answers to the questions we’re often asked about Mission 44’s charitable work, our grantmaking, and Sir Lewis Hamilton. If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for here, please contact us directly.

We focus our efforts on reaching people under the age of 24 who face disadvantage or discrimination, including but not limited to young people from low-income backgrounds, young people from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, and young people of colour.

Mission 44’s income is raised through individual, corporate, philanthropic and legacy donations.

We were founded by Sir Lewis Hamilton, whose personal experiences have left him determined to build a fairer, more inclusive future for young people around the world. Whilst our CEO is responsible for the leadership of our foundation, Sir Lewis regularly meets with our board, team, partners and the young people we work with, taking a keen interest in our progress, collaborative working culture and ambitions for the future.

Whether you’re an individual who shares our vision or you represent an organisation that wants to drive change, you have the power to make a difference. Visit our Get involved page for more information on how to support Mission 44.

Mission 44 invests in organisations that share our vision for a more inclusive future. Find out more about our selection process on our Grantmaking page.

If you’re interested in working for us, please visit our Careers page to see our current vacancies. To stay updated on job and volunteering opportunities, please follow us on LinkedIn.

We are a global charitable foundation focused on empowering young people facing social injustice. Our current activities are based in the UK, US and Brazil.

Not at the moment. Currently, we invest in a range of organisations already doing brilliant work to empower young people so they can grow their collective reach and impact.

We support a number of programmes aimed at inspiring young people facing social injustice towards motorsport careers. However, we do not sponsor individuals seeking to enter motorsport.


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Unfortunately we are unable to accept unsolicited applications for funding at this time.