The Hamilton Commission

The Hamilton Commission

“Accelerating Change: Improving Representation of Black People in UK Motorsport”

As the first Black Formula 1 driver, Sir Lewis Hamilton was always aware of the lack of diversity in motorsport. But this underrepresentation is not limited to the driver pool – it also includes those who work in the garage and as engineers in the factories.

After seeing the lack of diversity in the 2019 end-of-season photo, Lewis was spurred to take action and set out to understand the specific barriers to the recruitment and progression of Black people within UK motorsport. Lewis has always been vocal about the need for real industry-wide change, but to make it happen himself, he needed to know the facts.

As a result, Lewis formed The Hamilton Commission alongside The Royal Academy of Engineering, presenting an opportunity to address the underrepresentation of Black people in UK motorsport, as well as the STEM sector as a whole.

Following a 10-month period of research including data analysis, stakeholder mapping, a sport, education and employment literature review, primary quantitative and qualitative research with young people, and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, The Hamilton Commission has published its report, Accelerating Change: Improving Representation of Black People in UK Motorsport.

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"I am proud to have published The Hamilton Commission report alongside The Royal Academy of Engineering. I feel we now have a clearer understanding of what’s preventing the motorsport industry from being truly representative, and I’m committed to turning the report’s recommendations into action to create lasting change.”"
Sir Lewis Hamilton