Angharad, Programme Coordinator at Gender Action, on removing gender bias in schools
22 Nov 2023

Angharad, Programme Coordinator at Gender Action, gives her thoughts on removing gender bias at school and highlights what they’re doing to tackle this problem

At Gender Action we take a whole-school intersectional approach to tackling gender stereotyping and sexism in schools; from early years settings to colleges. We recognise the different cultures and challenges that schools face, offering 1:1 expert support to help educators create an accessible and practical action plan which will allow them to address our 6 key areas:

  • Education and Training
  • Student Voice
  • Curriculum and learning
  • Progression and Jobs
  • Language
  • Community

As a teacher myself I know that time is often limited, so we want to ensure that everyone is behind tackling sexism, not just one member of staff. This means that senior leaders, governors, schemes of work and the school community will be actively involved in tackling these issues. For some educators they will get support from colleagues, senior leaders and students. For others, the journey can feel lonely and challenging as your passion for social justice may not be considered a priority. This can make it difficult, but know that there are like-minded people out there who can offer support. At GA, we are able to offer you that guidance when you need it.

“We had some students from Kings [College University] work with us last year, that is how we became aware of Gender Action. From their work, we noticed that there are more things to consider in our school community than we had previously been aware of, so that will be part of our focus going forward”

Assistant Headteacher
Angharad, Programme Coordinator at Gender Action, on removing gender bias in schools

At Gender Action we are passionate about supporting educators to empower their young people to think critically and challenge any injustice that they encounter. We are particularly interested in ensuring that this programme is able to reach schools on a national scale so that those in disadvantaged and rural areas, particularly the North East and Yorkshire, have the opportunity to access such resources as the GCSE grade gap continues to widen relative to their southern counterparts.

Building the knowledge and skills of our educators is vital to create impact and since the launch of Gender Action we have seen such enthusiasm and support for the programme, from schools, charities and corporate organisations. Gender stereotyping and sexism is an issue that affects everyone and what can seem like insignificant stereotyping, can have a devastating impact on a young person.

If you would like to get involved with the Gender Action, access our free training and make transformative change in your school then please contact:

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About Gender Action

Gender Action was launched in 2018 by Kings College, the Institute of Physics, University College London and the University Council of Modern Languages. It was created in response to the underrepresentation of women and girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). In 2023, Mission 44 and DECSY took over the programme and we will continue to launch it nationally over the next 3 years.