Jamie Elfenbein, Mission 44 Chief Growth Officer, on Miami GP and international expansion
Jamie Elfenbein
31 May 2024

From the historic corners of Little Havana to the gleaming streets of South Beach, the essence of Miami was alive and vibrant during Formula 1’s Grand Prix weekend. But for Mission 44, Miami wasn’t just a race weekend; it was a springboard for our international expansion and an opportunity to learn from the people we believe in most – our youth.

On May 2nd, in partnership with F1 Miami and F1 Academy, we gathered at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens to hear from over 50 young people about their aspirations within the motorsport sector. The room was filled with inspiration and ambition from young people ready to take up space and drive change. In particular, the story of Meghan, 25, struck a profound chord. Despite a lack of representation, Meghan spoke of the immense joy and belonging the sport brought her – that she knows she is “worthy of being here”. Netanyahu, 23, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the growing interest in motorsport and STEM among Miami’s youth. But the most powerful message came from their unified call for greater representation. Young voices spoke of the transformative power of seeing themselves reflected in leadership roles. Their message was clear: diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones of a brighter future in Formula 1.

As an organisation founded in the UK, which aims to support young people globally, we constantly ask ourselves, how does a non-profit scale, whilst being culturally responsible? How do we ensure we are additive, and not duplicative, in an effort to create lasting change? At Mission 44, the answer has always started with active listening from those closest to their communities, thorough research, and rigorous questioning. This commitment to informed decision-making includes young people at the core of the process. We believe their invaluable perspectives are crucial as we navigate the path forward, and have already taken what we heard to shape the kinds of partners we will work with and the programmes we support.

Our time in Miami marks the beginning of an exciting journey, one where we have ambitious plans to support the next generation of STEM leaders around the world. In the past two and a half years, our initiatives have already reached 300,000 young individuals across the United Kingdom and by the end of 2024, our reach will extend to Miami, Austin, Las Vegas, and Brazil. However, even with the extraordinary leadership of our founder—a Seven-Time Formula One World Champion—we know that transforming the landscape of motorsport and fostering diversity across STEM industries requires collective action.

We hope that you will consider partnering with us, supporting our mission, and accompanying us as we collaborate with young leaders globally. Together, let’s amplify their impact and cultivate a future where they feel empowered to confidently stride through any opportunity that awaits.

Jamie Elfenbein,
Chief Growth Officer

Whether you’re an individual who shares our vision for a fairer future, or you represent an organisation that wants to drive change, please don’t hesitate to get in contact – philanthropy@mission44.org. With your support, we can empower young people to overcome social injustice.