Mission 44 announces three grants as part of its Inclusive Education Programme
Mission 44
1 Jun 2023

Three new organisations, The Black Curriculum, CAPE Mentors and Power The Fight, will receive a combined £280,000 to create more inclusive learning environments for young people from underserved communities.

One in ten young people in the UK feel they have never belonged at school (Department for Education, State of the Nation 2022). Today we’re launching three new partnerships as part of our Inclusive Education Programme to make sure more young people from underserved communities feel included and inspired in the classroom.

Funding from the Programme will be targeted towards organisations that are predominantly led by people with lived experience of disadvantage and discrimination, including people of colour. Over the next 24 months, a combined £280,000 investment will support:

The Black Curriculum to expand curriculum provision and their teacher and senior leadership training programmes enabling schools to teach an empowering form of Black British history.

CAPE Mentors to scale their work and recruit a team of Teachers/Mentors to support vulnerable learners across London, with a focus on children facing disadvantage or discrimination who have been permanently excluded from school.

Power The Fight to develop and expand their Therapeutic Intervention for Peace Programme, delivering culturally sensitive support in schools for young people at risk of violence.

Mission 44 announces three Inclusive Education grants

“The Black Curriculum, CAPE Mentors and Power The Fight are exciting grassroots organisations dedicated to ensuring that young people from underserved communities are able to thrive at school. I’m delighted that Mission 44 is able to support these organisations as they look to expand their work and create a more inclusive education system that works for all children.”

Jason Arthur
CEO, Mission 44

“We’re so excited about working with Mission 44 to extend our teacher training provision to areas of the country that need the confidence, support and resources around Black British history. Training teachers from across the country through an immersive programme covering racial literacy, building action plans and monitoring progress is an important part of our wider ambition to empower children with a sense of belonging and build a cohesive and anti-racist society for the future.” – Lavinya Stennet, CEO and Founder, The Black Curriculum

“CAPE Mentors is thrilled to receive this support and endorsement from Mission 44. Through this investment, CAPE Mentors will be able to action our ambitious plans for growth. Like Mission 44, we are committed to improving the life outcomes for the most in need young people within our society. Through recruiting our first Lead Teachers/Mentors, we will be able to tutor and mentor more children across London during times of crisis and challenge.” – Hussein Hussein, CEO and Founder, CAPE Mentors

“Power The Fight are excited to be partnering with Mission 44 to continue the culturally sensitive therapeutic work we deliver in schools. We believe this partnership will enhance our delivery and learning. We are thankful for the opportunity to work alongside Mission 44 as we continue to strive for the flourishing and improved wellbeing of young people.” – Ben Lindsay OBE, CEO and Founder, Power The Fight

Mission 44 announces three Inclusive Education grants

About Mission 44

Mission 44 was founded by Sir Lewis Hamilton to build a fairer, more inclusive future in which every young person can thrive. The foundation supports bold organisations, leaders and ideas to reimagine the future and transform the lives of young people from underserved communities. Through grantmaking, research and advocacy, Mission 44 is focused on building a more inclusive education system, supporting progression into STEM careers and empowering young people to be changemakers.

About The Black Curriculum

The Black Curriculum is a social enterprise empowering young people and educators across the UK to engage in Black British History 365 days a year. Its programmes are for all young people aged 3-25 and aims to equip them with a sense of identity, and give them the tools they need to navigate a diverse landscape. One of its main goals is to embed Black histories into the UK national curriculum.

Find out more: theblackcurriculum.com

About CAPE Mentors

CAPE Mentors is a charity focused on the school exclusion problem, delivering award- winning tuition and mentoring to children impacted by poverty, poor mental health, social service intervention and institutional racism. They do this by providing restorative one-to-one tuition and mentoring packages to children who have experienced permanent exclusion, aimed at guiding them back into education or employment. They also partner with schools and local authorities to provide group and individual sessions for students still within the education system. Their bespoke form of tuition and mentoring, delivered by fully qualified professionals who share similar life-experiences with the students they are paired with, is designed to engage students for whom traditional interventions have been unsuccessful.

Find out more: capementors.com

About Power The Fight

Power The Fight was launched in 2019 in response to the UK’s rapid increase in serious violence affecting young people and its disproportionate impact on vulnerable and minority communities. Power The Fight recognise this increase in violence as an urgent but complex public health crisis with multiple and inter-related causative factors including racial injustice, trauma, lack of early intervention, reduction in statutory services and social inequality, all of which have been impacted by the social and economic impacts of Covid-19 and the subsequent cost of living crisis (with a disproportionate impact on Black and minority ethnic communities).

Find out more: powerthefight.org.uk